About Our Company

Why Use Us?

Great Divide Painting has a team of experienced painters ready to meet your painting needs. Owner, J. Jardim, has more than 27 years of painting experience. He has spent 18 of those years painting in our unique high alpine environment. We are proud to say that we have a reliable team of employees that have worked for Great Divide Painting for several years. These employees understand the level of quality that Great Divide Painting provides its clients.

About Us

1108GDPteam2Our company was established in 1995 by owner J. Jardim. We are a small family owned business that has been serving Summit County for more than 16 years. We started out with one truck and one employee (the owner). We now have four vehicles and a team of 8-10 employees. J. began Great Divide Painting because he was confident that he could provide quality work at a reasonable price in Summit County. We have found great success and continue to serve our fellow neighbors!

Our Team

rsz_0709jJ. Jardim   President/Owner
Project manager, Estimator, Painter, The Boss

rsz_0709kimKim Jardim  Office manager
All things paper

rsz_10609chuckChuck Roth  Site Manager/Painter
On site supervisor

rsz_0609santiago1Adolfo Santiago  Site Manager/Painter
On site supervisor